Unchecked Discrimination Against Those of Lesser Means


There has been (and still is) a very harmful sort of “movement” (for lack of a better word) afoot in California, and it involves grossly unfair discrimination against people with low incomes – by people with far more means. That is to say, real estate investors, property owners, developers, and others who control access to housing are openly and blatantly discriminating against those of us who have not been privileged to have such good fortune. The elderly, disabled (including disabled Veterans), displaced low income workers, families with children – all are effectively at the mercy of property owners and landlords who engage in discriminatory practices that ought to be illegal.

These wealthy investors, property developers, and landowners are kicking lower income folks (society’s most vulnerable) out of their homes and apartments in order to “renovate” and “upscale” to bring in a more moneyed class of renters and home buyers. Many call it “gentrification” which has come to mean something more like, “Kick them poor folks out so we can get more money from richer people.” What it really is, is greed and discrimination.

A California nonprofit organization, Tenants Together, works to strengthen protections for the most vulnerable people (and all renters) from unfair rental housing practices by unscrupulous and (dare I say it? –greedy) property owners. from their web site: “Tenants together is California’s a statewide organization for renter’s rights.”

Tenants Together is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.

Tenants Together is helping to organize and promote an end to discrimination against renters, including those who are elderly and/or disabled, who are struggling to maintain housing in an environment that is increasingly hostile to renters: where rents are rising many times faster than wages, and property owners are catering to the wealthier renters at the expense of those with lesser means (gentrification). I support any organization or group or that will stand up to these unscrupulous, money hungry businesses and individuals.

I hope you will, to.

Please sign the petition accessible through the Tenants Together site to help fight against unfair rent increases by instituting fair rent control.


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