The Wealthy Are Screwing People with Housing Costs


I am not currently a member of any tenants organization (or any organization) at this time (although that could change, if there is anything I can do to help, even on a microscopic scale) – but there are organizations that fight for peoples rights – and one of them is Tenants Together – “California’s Statewide Organization for Renter’s Rights”.

The cost of rental housing is increasing faster than wages and larger and larger percentages of peoples’ income are going toward these astronomical (and-rising) costs. Additionally, unscrupulous landlords and charging rents far higher than what many of their properties are worth. Many do not properly repair and maintain these properties, and too many keep getting away with it.

Gouging people who pay for the necessity of having a home … is a demonstration of some of the most despicable behavior of property-owning Americans that is still legal. In many places in California, If you want to live near where you work, “pay up or get lost.” And “pay up” all too often means pay half of your income (or more) for rental housing.

We need to grow and strengthen organizations that fight for the rights of those with lesser income, which includes millions of people who rent homes (because for many, buying a home is just impossible).


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