Not My President.

When Donald Trump announced that he was running for the office of the President of the United States, I took it as a joke. I mean, c’mon, “The You’re fired!” one-percenter who is an obvious narcissistic, pompous, self-important, windbag who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, living up in his ivory tower and is so out-of-touch with “normal” people that he is truly clueless? The whiny little rich boy who got started in the real estate business with  “a small loan from my dad” (fourteen million dollars) and whose father took him by the hand and guided and groomed him to become a tyrannical property owner… that sexist, racist, classist nut job conspiracy theorist and crazy “eccentric” fool?

Fast forward to Nov 8, 2016. I was flabbergasted – shocked, stunned, appalled. This really threw me for a loop, and not a “good” one at all.

Donald Trump is almost like a combination of a little bit Hitler, a little bit Anthony Wiener, a little bit Rob Blagojevich, a little bit David Duke and a little bit slum lord (and a hodgepodge of other unsavory “deplorables”).

And Republicans … Trump supporters … what the f… are you thinking?? All I can say is … be careful what you wished for …

Statistics have shown that, over several decades, the rich are getting richer, the middle class is stagnating, and the poor are just getting the middle finger. With that kind of … disease … in the White House … watch the situation get even worse. No, not just “worse” but horrifically worse. Naturally, with that despicable person as POTUS, if he gets his way, things are NOT going to get better! No, they won’t.

The FLOTUS – Melenia Trump – I don’t think we’ve seen a First Lady (“Lady?”) like her ever before. I mean, seen as much of a First Lady (too much of her!).  The Internet is increasingly swimming with (“very revealing” to put it politely) pictures of the new First Lady. And his offspring (shudder). Donald Jr. and Eric Trump largely reflect the worst traits of a severely emotionally and psychologically flawed father. Daughter Ivanka might be the closest thing to “sane” in that family. Or maybe not?

***Disclaimer: This blog entry (as does the rest of this blog) expresses the opinions and beliefs of the author and, as such, could be … subject to error … you be the judge …


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