Prepare For a Bad Case of “Voter’s Remorse”


I think Americans are soon going to experience a gigantic case of “voter’s remorse” with Donald Trump. Since winning the Electoral College pledges, in the weeks since November 8, 2016, Donald trump has back-pedaled, altered, flip-flopped, and even changed his stances on core issues that he asserted on the campaign trail. It is (or should be) obvious that he is a “say-one-thing, do-another” kind of person. He said the things he knew would appeal to voters to get him elected – not because he meant them, but because it’s what the American public wanted to hear. He literally took advantage of peoples’ disillusionment with politicians and “politics-as-usual” and played on those sentiments just to get elected.

And he has amassed a team of spin-doctors like Kellyanne Conway, Reinse Prebus and others from his own team (including many in government who have now jumped ship and landed on the Trump bandwagon) to rationalize his contradictions and about-faces. Additionally, he has amassed an army of apologists from all over America who (instead of recognizing and admitting they’ve been bait-and-switched) will downplay and whitewash his behaviors, rather than recognize (and sound the alarm about) the huge red flags raised by the “3 a.m. Tweeter-In-Chief” President-Elect.

Working-class Americans thought Trump would enact legislation and make policy changes that would improve and enhance their lives and strengthen their incomes. Instead, it appears they will see increases in taxes for the lower and middle-class and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans; reductions in government services; reductions of quality in (or loss of) health insurance; potential curtailment of the First Amendment protections; greatly increased intrusions into peoples’ privacy through removing protections against arbitrary and unreasonable surveillance from the NSA, DHS, FBI, and other government and law enforcement agencies; loss of support for Medicare and Social Security for the elderly and disabled, and many more government services that have eased the burden on – especially – lower income Americans.

Apparently, the Republicans and right-wing extremists in government are going to use Donald Trump as their “tool” to implement their their own policies and intensify their war against the poor and their enhancement of the wealthy. And Trump, being unfamiliar with and inexperienced in political dealings and behind-the-scenes jockeying will be played like a fiddle by those who will do us ALL (who are not wealthy) grievous harm.

Trump’s proposed tax plan will make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class continue to stagnate while plunging the country into yet another recession. And, of course – and as always – the rich (including Donald Trump) will simply continue to get richer and more powerful.

The only hope – however dim – is to convince enough Electoral College members to do the RESPONSIBLE thing and become “Faithless Electors” to prevent Trump from running this great nation into the ground. People may hate Hillary Clinton, but her platform really does work to improve things for the “average American” and reduce the power and control (and abuse) exerted by the 1%.



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