Trump IS Damaging America


Aside from my initial comments in the early days of the 2016 Presidential Election and Donald Trump’s victory, I’ve been silent here. I was quite angry that we (Democrats) lost. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I’ve swallowed it and it’s time to move on.

Then November 2016 came and went, January 2017 came and went, and we are into February. I am even angrier now than I was upon learning that Trump won the election and became the President of the United States. But my anger now is no longer about Trump winning.

My anger now is about how the Republicans in Congress lost their backbones and jumped on the Trump bandwagon, and are now trying to fast-track confirmation of the most objectionable unqualified and unsavory cabinet appointees I’ve seen in my lifetime. This bodes ill for the nation, since these people are going to cause possibly irreparable harm to millions and millions of people.

As if that by itself wasn’t already bad enough, the continued petulant, pugnacious, truculent animosity of Trump supporters against anyone who hasn’t also jumped on their misguided bandwagon has appalling. This election cycle has incited alarming hostile divisiveness even between family members and friends. It is shocking – and all indications are that it is only going to get worse.

I’ve always been proud to be an American … but the hate and malice unleashed by Trump and the Republicans in the United States has caused serious damage to the fundamental ideal of what it is to be an American both at home and abroad.

The unending parade of headlines tells the story in a snapshot (parenthetical notes added by me) Go ahead, at least check them out. These are primarily from CNN over a couple days:

Trump falsely accuses senator of misrepresenting Gorsuch criticism

Sessions sworn in as AG (despite STRONG and Massive Opposition)

Borger: With Trump, the buck doesn’t stop here

Warriors’ Curry confronts Under Armour CEO over Trump

Sessions’ Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama

Bergen: WH terrorism list undermines its own case

Washington’s new lows

Graham: Silencing Warren ‘long overdue’

Kellyanne Conway: ‘Go buy Ivanka’s stuff’ – Illegal promotion of a brand from a “White House Official”

Wikipedia bans citations of The Daily Mail

Mom’s detention in Arizona sparks protests

Spicer wants McCain to apologize for criticizing Yemen raid – Bad conflicts of interest – – Anger erupts against GOP Congressman over Obamacare.

These are just a tiny smattering of stories about the partisan, blatant thumbing of noses against not only Democrats, but EVRYONE in the U.S. who doesn’t kowtow to Donald Trump and his Cabinet.