The Republicans’ War Against the Poor

Republican Jesus

Reading the news lately is an excursion into frustration, anger, disbelief, shock, revulsion, and a major heaping of What the F**k???

The Trump administration elitist one-percenters want to really screw the poor. If the new budget were to pass as is, the cost in human services and even human life would be large. Trump and his gaggle of draconian gatekeepers and misfits want to gut the federal programs that provide help and subsistence to the elderly, the poor, the mentally ill, the unemployable and the homeless.

It very much seems like this new “administration” and the current Republican majorities in the House and Senate aren’t really all that concerned about “shrinking government” and increasing our nation’s defense capabilities so much as they are codifying their bigoted hatred of the poor while further lining the pockets of the already rich.

This is, in my opinion, the most disgusting, draconian, and morally and ethically bankrupt gaggle of excuses for “lawmakers” I’ve ever witnessed in my life.