About Me

In America, many fortunate people are living the American Dream. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities available for those who work hard, make good financial decisions, and earn their way.

At least, that’s how it goes for those who have access to that kind of opportunity.

In reality, the American Dream is slipping ever further out of reach of middle-class Americans, and is being monopolized by the wealthier classes and the “one percent.” Low income people don’t even have a chance (short of a miracle). And government “leaders” legislate in favor of the wealthy – often at the expense of everyone else, especially the poor; the nation’s most vulnerable.

I want to be at least one (more) voice against this growing socioeconomic inequality that is hurting America and Americans.

I am a disabled American Veteran who, like so many of my brothers and sisters who have worked hard and sacrificed for my country, is getting the shaft from many of the very people we sought to protect (i.e., the “monied” classes). I am an American who, like so many other Americans, is being pushed aside, stepped on, and discriminated against because I/we don’t have enough money – or access to the level of opportunity that would allow us to thrive.


We don’t have enough money because of disability, age, lack of genuinely equal opportunity, discrimination … and the greedy monopolization of opportunity and resources by the wealthy (at the expense of the poor – and everyone else).

This has to change if America is truly to become the “land of opportunity” with fairness and equality for all as it is often professed to be: where everyone (not just the rich and the privileged) has truly equal access to “the American Dream.”

— Jack William (VocAd)
VocalAdvocate Blog


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